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MANDA FERMENTATION CO. LTD, was originally a sake distillery over 300 years ago.  After generations,

the Matsuura family shifted their focus to supplements- using their knowledge of fermentation from their sake background.

​23 years of intensive research gave birth to one of Japan's best selling health supplements along with various products that stemmed from the fermentation cocktails.

MANDA is made of 53 kinds of botanical raw natural ingredients.

Ripe fruit, bountiful grains, edible algae from the sea, and vegetables with nutrients of the soil (Kakokusousai) undergo long term natural fermentation and maturation, condensed into each sachet.  These carefully selected and sourced ingredients are entirely fermented at our own factory.  The skins of the fruit contain the nutrients to prevent oxidation and deterioration.  Seeds are packed with nutrients that nurture new lives.

Manda is made through fermentation and maturation of the entire fruit, including the skin and seeds.


This is why we never compromise in our ingredient selection.

​The raw materials we use for Manda are mainly cultivated from our own farm and from contracted farms.

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