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Fermentation is the process by which microbes break down starch and protein to create various substances such as amino acids and sugars. It produces a rich taste and aroma not found in the original ingredients and transforms them into a fermented food rich in nutrients.

Manda is made from over 53 different plant-based natural ingredients (including fruits, vegetables, grains, and seaweeds) harvested at the peak of freshness from all over Japan. They are then aged and fermented at room temperature over a long period of time without adding water, heat, or preservatives in order to maximize their nutritional value. 


Fermentation is a mysterious process accomplished by small 1 micron sized microbes.

The secret to optimal fermentation is the appropriate temperature, soil, and environment, all of which exist in Innoshima, where our product is created.

How it's made: 

1. Wash the ingredients - whole ingredients are used  to retain the antioxidants and minimize waste.

2. Ingredients are prepared at the peak of their seasons 

3. First Fermentation - Ingredients are fermented for half a year to form the base

4. Ingredients are added at their various seasons of ripeness - all 53 ingredients are blended together and fermented and aged two years.

5. Stirring - Ingredients are stirred in sake barrels applying the knowledge from 300 years of sake brewing.

6. Additional fermentation - The mixture is fermented for over 3 years and 3 months in total. 

7. Wrapping - the contents of each 500 L barrel are carefully packaged into single-serving packets.

8. Distribution - Shipping not only to Japan but also all around the world


Some of the most common examples of fermented foods are cheese, pickles, sauerkraut, miso, kimchi, and yogurt - 

However, not all fermented foods are created equal. Naturally fermented foods, in particular, have been shown to be the most beneficial to our health. More and more Doctors, Scientists and Nutritionists are realizing the value of naturally fermented foods for a healthy gut microbiome. Having a healthy gut can help not only digestion, but repair and prevent damage from antibiotics and alcohol, as well as help prevent certain types of cancer and has even been shown to improve one’s overall mood. 

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